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Big Box Stores ( i.e. Supermarkets and Grocery Stores), Mall Complexes, Specialty Stores, Department Stores, Schools, Car Dealerships are examples of retail stores we provide cleaning & floor finishing/maintenance services for. TNT Commercial Cleaning Services will provide optimal retail cleaning services to create your store's first class appearance. Bright, polished floors, clean carpets, sanitized / deodorized restrooms, are key factors that we provide to create a positive experience for your shoppers and employees likewise.

"Leave the dirty work to us"

We have been functioning in Western Pennsylvania for over twenty - (20) years as a commercial janitorial cleaning company excelling in growth, maintaining customers, and keeping our clients happy. We are now positioned with newer technology propane sourced scrubbers, buffers, and burnishers to provide optimal services for larger floors. We listen to our clients then customize a retail janitorial and floor service program designed to meet your specific needs. We will meet all health code requirements for your company as well as any state policies.

Research has proven a clean, well maintained store is an attraction to customers. TNT is known for NOT taking shortcuts and that assurance will provide you with an environment of care your customers and employees deserve.

Let all your hard work be praised not condemned simply because your store was left unclean! A Clean environment is attractive and much more appealing to shoppers.

TNT Retail Cleaning Services Include but not limited too:

Sales Floor / Showroom - Attractive floors will attract customers

Clean entry doors, vestibule and lobby areas.

Dust mop, auto scrub, squeegee and/or mop floors then burnish w/ high

speed burnishers using a natural hog's hair pad. Maintenance program

between refinishing floors

Vacuum carpet areas in both sales area and office or non-sales areas.

Empty trash bins

Auto machine scrub floors and refinish floors per our professional floor

finishing services.

Restrooms - We offer more detail than any other cleaning company

Thorough clean and sanitized urinals, commodes, sinks, and counters

Clean mirrors & partitions

Clean fixtures and all soap & paper dispensers to a shine

Ensure soap, toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers are properly filled

Clean toilets, urinals and partitions

Wipe down all surfaces

Empty trash bins

Mop floors

All other areas of interest will be serviced after completing a customized janitorial and floor service program.

"Without the fruits of cleansing, even new items would only shine for a very short time"

Contact TNT Commercial Cleaning Services today @ (412) 254-6499 - Please leave your contact information or simply fill out our Online Proposal to contract services with us for all your construction cleanup needs.

Get a free estimate for your construction cleanup needs. We will contact you promptly and quickly assess your facility, office, building, etc. We will correspond with you by phone or email, whatever your preference, prior to scheduling a convenient date & time of your choice to perform a site survey. We will devise a proposal to fit your needs and work diligently with you.