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TNT Commercial Cleaning Services provides additional time and detail to kitchen areas and restrooms. Many janitorial cleaners overlook these highly important areas and spend few minutes in the restroom or kitchen. This encouraged us to add an even more comprehensive detailing in these areas per the scope of a normal janitorial contract. We want your customers and employees to be happy and our experience tells us these are areas of concern to most. We use a commercial disinfectant also used in hospitals to disinfect restroom and kitchen areas on a daily basis including; all drinking fountains, sinks, break room and lunch room tables, countertops, microwave ovens, toster ovens, drinking water system, all door handles, phones, commodes, toilet paper holders, paper towel holders, restroom stalls are spot cleaned, clean / polish all chrome, glass & mirrors, and floor areas are mopped with a disinfectant.

In addition, restroom stalls, fridge, kitchen cabinet faces, vending machines, etc. are all wiped down weekly.

A clean environment to work in is essential to optimal productivity from your work force. Employees will respect management for giving them a clean environment to work in. In essence, happy employees and customers means more dedication and sales. Like the old saying goes:

"A clean place is a Happy place indeed!"

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With TNT as your silent and loyal business partner, your employees and customers will enjoy an environment of care while tending to their own duties and business at hand.