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TNT Commercial Cleaning Services is very familiar with all your requested commercial janitorial needs. Using the most state of the art techniques and outstanding cleaning products, our professionally trained staff take pride in their work and will ensure your cleanings are rendered effectively and efficiently.
Our cleaning personnel must be neat in appearance, courteous and professional at all times. We require references and will not hire any cleaning employee unless the individual passes an in depth interview and profile assessment. Even then, some employees will be required to work only at jobs that are under supervision. TNT Commercial Cleaning Services realizes your business concerns regarding security and thatís why we make sure to carefully screen each and every new member of our teams.

Commercial accounts can be maintained daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or a schedule that best suits your company needs. We will provide recommendations according to what you want, the amount of traffic, and your budget. We will work diligently with you to find a service to fit your needs. For more information on our cleaning and floor services you may contact us or request an estimate. We look forward working with you!

Some of the tasks we accomplish (but not limited to) include:

General: Sweep/Vacuum/Mop full floor areas.
Dust/Clean/Wipe table surfaces & legs.
Dust all lamps & lampshades.

Clean countertops, tables & chairs
Clean and vacuum office chairs.
Dust wall furnishings.

Vacuum all rugs.
Dust artificial plants.
Clean inside/outside of entrance doors/metal.

Trash disposal.
Sanitize telephones.
Empty and damp wipe all ashtrays.

Clean fingerprints on glass/furniture.
Dust ledges, sills and other flat surfaces.
Return furniture to an orderly fashion.

Sanitize/Clean office equipment..
Clean any mirrors and frames.
Sanitize trash cans.

Clean and sanitize water fountains
Sanitize sinks, knobs and other bright work.
Clean Building Directory Board.

Clean fingerprints from walls, doors & handrails
Cleaning of light fixtures, baseboards, etc.
Straighten any reading material.

Dust and wipe down desk areas.
Sanitize all office chairs.
Wipe down all magazines & card holders.

Properly store supplies.
Ceiling Vents.
Maintain closet in a clean, orderly condition.

Dust any window blinds.
Wipe smudges & dust from baseboards.
Clean light switch covers.

Clean door framing top to bottom.
Dust all vertical surfaces of desks, cabinets, etc.
Sanitize doorknobs, door handles & push-plates.

Accomplish all high unreachable dusting.
Clean inside of door jams.
Clean inside and outside of all doors.

Wipe down any cabinets, shelving and doors.
Cobweb patrolling.

Bathrooms: Sweep/Mop full area.
Sanitize lavatory fixtures, sinks, knobs, etc,
Clean any mirrors and frames.

Sanitize commodes and seats.
Clean/Disinfect basins & showers
Ensure tissue paper dispensers are adequate.

Ensure hand towel dispensers are adequate.
Ensure soap dispensers are adequate.
Ensure all dispensers are properly cleaned.

Dust wall furnishings.
Trash disposal.
Wipe down and sanitize bathroom stall doors.

Remove splash marks from walls.

Kitchen/ Break Areas: Mop full area.
Wipe down counter surfaces.
Ensure soap dispensers are adequate.

Ensure paper towel dispensers are adequate.
Ensure all dispensers are properly cleaned.
Clean inside and outside of microwave.

Clean and vacuum chairs.
Sanitize coffee pot.
Sanitize toaster.

Sanitize sinks, knobs and other bright work.
Trash disposal.
Sanitize any telephones.

Sanitize any other kitchen appliances

Additional Tasks:

Buffing Stripping, & Waxing Floors, both initially & maintenance (all vinyl flooring, hardwood, etc.)
Carpet Cleaning For Our Contracted Clients
Ceramic / Porcelain Tile Cleaning
Specialty Tile Cleaning / Restoration such as; terrazzo, crema marfil, travertine, Saturnia and Granite
All Phases of Construction clean up (new and / or renovated)

We detail bathroom and kitchen areas daily. Many companies perform only a weekly detail and a standard daily service. We have found these areas to be the main areas of concern for your employees and customers. Although, we have not ever lessened services to other areas, we have added explicit detail daily to restrooms and kitchen areas as part of our "standard daily services".

We will render additional services at your request that may or may not include additional charges. We tailor our proposal to fit your needs so any requests are welcomed. This does not include all the services we render but is an "Overview of services". We want to present you an identity of our meticulous ways.

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