We are your Loyal & Silent Business Partner


TNT Cleaning Services and all of its employees are dedicated in giving your industry, office, commercial building, or place of business the professional services your customers and employees depend on, want, expect, and deserve. TNT has been serving the Pittsburgh Metropolitan, Allegheny, and Westmoreland County areas for over twenty - (20) years. It is operated by twenty-seven - (27+) years experience in executive management in the cleaning industry.

We CARE at TNT Commercial Cleaning Services. That is what makes us your premier choice. TNT was established to provide Optimum Professional Service. We customize our service to best meet your building maintenance needs. We endeavor to anticipate what clients want, but we improve our service by responding to what our clients tell us they want. Then we tailor our service to meet each client’s unique building/office maintenance needs.

TNT Commercial Cleaning Services has been developed and presided over by Joseph Wehner. He is an experienced cleaning and special project professional with a solid educational background in business. He has mastered skillful techniques in refinishing and maintaining all types of flooring. This area is a personal specialty of TNT. Joseph operated as a business partner, a successful franchised janitorial business for five - (5) years prior to establishing TNT Commercial Cleaning Services. He accomplished adding an addition to the company; fire & flood restoration cleaning business and used the franchise as a stepping stone, however ultimately, satisfied a personal goal by developing a successful company on his own. Joseph handles all customer relations and if a customer is not happy, he wants to know. Good management and positive communication are the keys to a successful servicing business and TNT differentiates itself from the entire industry. All complaints will be rectified and it is our goal to make each individual employee of each account comfortable, satisfied, and confident in our provision of services.

Joseph began as a project manager in the construction industry immediately following college before venturing into self-employment in the cleaning industry just two – (2) years later where he still remains.

The TNT team believes in achieving excellence by following the Code of Ethics in business:

INTEGRITY: Doing what we say we will do.

RESPONSIBILITY: Moral, legal, and mental accountability.

TRUST: Building confidence through teamwork/open communication.

RESPECT: Treating others with dignity and fairness.

HONESTY: Being truthful and forthright with our clients.

COMPETITIVE: Negotiate fair pricing strategies.

TNT is a full turnkey commercial cleaning, supply and special projects company. We concentrate in quality and are at the forefront in proficient and proactive precision cleaning services. TNT is positioned to expand and provide professional services to a wide range of clients. TNT can provide contracted, temporary, one-time or special project janitorial services for its customers. The scope of work we specialize in includes: janitorial services of all offices, commercial buildings, medical facilities, or places of business, maintenance all types/styles of flooring, vct floor refinishing, carpet cleaning for our contracts, detail cleaning, construction clean-up, “cycle” and “interval” janitorial cleaning, standard janitorial services and many maintenance services to fit your budget and needs.

Here at TNT we believe the quality of our services and honesty of our employees is a key to good business. We provide you with premier cleaning services and the piece of mind, knowing the job will be done to your satisfaction. We are our customer’s silent & loyal business partner. We continually look for knowledge and experience to help us do our job better. We use hand picked staff and train within to the scope of each job. We also believe that flexibility of our services to fit your needs is an important factor. We work around your schedule to provide you the best service possible.

Management will provide a work order for daily services and detailing to the staff on a daily basis. The supervisor is to call in the completed work order after the shift has ended. A job description will be issued to each employee on a daily basis. Comment log journals will be placed in the working areas for customers to make comments, requests or suggestions and TNT employees to refer to these logs on a daily basis and answer any requests, forward any complaints to the office immediately and note any additional services performed.

Our goal is to become the most reputable cleaning business in the industry. In essence, TNT will work diligently for its customers. We are confident at TNT and provide a fifteen- (15) day written notice release from contract if our client is not happy. If we cannot correct or satisfy our customer TNT will release from contract. We want to be sure our customers are satisfied with our services and also express our work ethics never decrease.

In essence, we build strong business relationships with our customers. Once we gain a customer we never lose them. I sincerely look forward to creating new business for TNT and supplying your company with superior and professional cleaning services to enhance its performances as your customers and employees deserve.


Although we have many, our clients are very busy and our promise is to be "A SILENT PARTNER" thus we will provide references of clients but will not provide personal contact information.


TNT cleaning Services has been successful a very competitive Industry and it is our goal to differentiate ourselves from other cleaning companies by means of quality, improved services and communication.

TNT Cleaning Services is designed to improve overall daily services in providing and maintaining a professional atmosphere we believe clients want and deserve. A short time prior to structuring TNT, Joseph performed Management Consulting for some local cleaning companies who were close to breech of contract on several of their accounts. He was successful in helping them keep and in some cases renew their contracts with clients. Here are some ways TNT aims to differentiate itself from other cleaning companies:

1. Communication with Management ~ TNT provides direct email as well as written log journals per each area of individual accounts used for our clients to report any complaints, as well as requests directly to management. In addition, TNT will perform more frequent inspections of each job site.

We listen to our customers.

2. Not biting off more than we can chew ~ It is our goal to create a comfortable and professional work place for our clients’ employees and customers. In order to do this, TNT will not take on more clients than it can handle.

TNT currently is in position to expand and accept new clients.

3. Hand picked Staff ~ All of TNT’s employees will have proper training to the scope of each contract. Supervisors will be trained and remain permanent in one building. It is our goal to employ a permanent staff for each individual account

4. Background Checks ~ TNT will perform thorough criminal and work related

background checks on each employee prior to employment.

5. Incentives ~ TNT will operate as a team, partner to its customers. We offer

incentives and bonuses to our employees for:

A. Work Performance

B. Attendance (reporting to work when scheduled and on time)

C. Safety

TNT Cleaning Services looks forward to enhancing the services and promote an atmosphere that our customers, their employees and customers expect and deserve. We are prepared to expand and provide the professional services our customers can count on. We will work diligently with our clients to provide optimum services. We are a well-established company looking to building a strategic business alliance and grow with your standards.