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TNT Commercial Cleaning Services specializes in refinishing, grooming, and maintaining all floor tile. With the most common business floor tile being vct, (vinyl composite tile) our technicians take no shortcuts in properly refinishing and maintaining your floors. Like all of our services, we strive to perform them better than anyone else. Allow us to implement a specialized floor maintenance program for your building or facility. In the course of developing your bid, our skilled estimator will conduct a physical site survey during a scheduled walkthrough of the premises in order to gather information about the facility / office building. Depending on your budget, traffic, and desire to keep tile pristine will determine a maintenance schedule for your floors. In addition, it is absolutely necessary to understand your level of expectation with respect to the detail you require, density of the areas, and your contract specifications.

Regardless of the maintenance schedule, we strip and finish floors properly and without shortcuts. Many companies can make a floor look nice especially immediately after waxing however, the proof is in the corners, depth of shine, scuff resistance, and shine endurance. While stripping, we razor scrape all edges and corners to remove all the dirt and wax build up that has been multiplying. We also hand wax all edges with a brush to keep wax off the baseboards. We only use a top grade double polymer wax capable of being burnished by a high-speed burninsher using an authentic hog's hair pad. The hog's hair pad blends the fibers creating a solid durable surface, removes highs and lows, and leaves a deep shine.

Regardless of maintenance, our floors will hold up strong. We can perform maintenance; daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, depending on a number of factors.

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Contact us today @ (412) 254-6499 - Please leave contact information and we will return your call promptly to discuss and setup a site survey. Information pertaining to square footage of floor areas will be helpful in planning proposal.

As visitors and employees enter the front offices and public areas of a facility, their first impression is greatly influenced by the appearance of the floors. It is estimated that 40% of all housekeeping resources are spent on floor care. Therefore, it is important to choose a cleaning company you can trust. We are serious about your floors.

We offer expert floor care service for any kind of floor surface including, but not limited too; marble, terrazzo, ceramic, vinyl tile(vct), porcelain, linoleum, specialty tile, or even cement. We will bring your floors back to life and keep them that way at a very competitive and reasonable cost..

In the past 10 years, there has been tremendous technological advances made in floor care products. All effective floor care programs incorporate a system of floor care products that are compatible and designed to work together in protecting and enhancing hard floor surfaces. Floor chemicals, no matter how good they are, will be inadequate unless they are used with correct, well-executed, properly timed procedures. Improper care will damage or discolor the finish, requiring more frequent stripping. Understanding of floor care chemistry, equipment, and procedures is vital to providing professional service.

We never cut corners, in fact, we scrape them and apply finish by hand

Preventive floor care otherwise known as "Maintenance is the most important hard floor care stage and is the KEY TO SUCCESS in all floor care systems. Preventive floor care prevents deterioration of the finish so that the need for costly and time-consuming corrective or restorative care is reduced or eliminated.

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