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TNT Commercial Cleaning Services provides complete carpet care to meet the needs of all clients we contract janitorial and floor services with. We also provide temporary or one-time carpet cleaning services. We are a ONE-STOP Janitorial Company and do provide optimum carpet cleaning and maintenance care to our contracted customers as well as new customers seeking one-time or unscheduled future services. TNT Commercial Cleaning Services cleans carpet the way it should be cleaned. In addition, we offer our contracted customers a discount rate for already being our customer.

Professional Carpet Cleaning:

Complete and comprehensive carpet cleaning, and shampooing is just another specialty service we offer to all of our clients. Our technicians use only state of the art cleaning agents, and focus on removing stains and dirt diligently and safely. We use roto-machine carpet scrubbers with nylon brushes or cotton bonnet pads along with innovative carpet cleaning solutions to clean carpets and remove soiled areas while many carpet cleaning companies prefer to "only" extract carpets. When carpets are cleaned by an extractor, they are basically being sprayed with a detergent and vacuumed. That is the extent of it. These extractors leave the carpets wet causing; destruction of carpet padding, mold, dry rought carpet, and injury to furniture put back in this wet condition.

Our Methods to Truly get your Carpets Clean:

1. We pre-spot heavily soiled areas and use a sprayer containing an innovative carpet cleaning solution to spray approximately 100 square foot areas of carpet. We immediately machine scrub the carpet areas using bonnet pads on a 100+ lb. machine. Imagine when you hand clean a stain compared to a roto-machine scrubber going at it. The bonnet pad removes the stains as it soaks up the dirty water in the carpet and the friction from the pad to the carpet creates heat that not only cleans the carpet but dries it as well. It is a finishing touch hard to compete with and a very efficient way of spot cleaning soiled or stained areas in carpets, as well. Now you are left with a truly clean carpet that is only slightly damp.

. We use an innovative carpet cleaning solution that actually crystalizes the dirt. Wait until carpet is completely dried and just vacuum. You will hear the pin-like crystals being inhaled by the vacuum.
This is why we mainly perform carpet cleaning services for the customers we already contract janitorial services with. We go above and beyond to make our customers happy and the better things are performed initially, the easier it is for us to maintain...

"We prefer to do it First so we can maintain it better"

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